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  • Helps plan the entire journey to get accepted to the university of choice.
  • Supports both Undergrad & Masters programs & is completely FREE.
  • Has pre-filled & fully customizable steps targeting each university/country.
  • Integrated with relevant data points and tools, to make the process, easy.
  • Never miss a deadline. Easy to track multiple university applications.
  • Share the realtime progress of a task.


Living in Austria
- 461
Living in Belgium
- 595
Living in Bangladesh
- 313
Living in Australia
- 369
Living in Brunei
- 697
Living in Canada
- 429
Living in Switzerland
- 378
Living in China
- 513
Living in Czech Republic
- 362


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Awesome collection of resources

This is a unique collection of information for going abroad. Not only did I get information about different majors, but also about universities and test preparation providers, in my city. Great going guys.

Roohi Sharma
Great University's Information Provider

Plan All has helped me a lot in finding information about the university I was looking for. Not only that, on this website also provides complete information about how much it will cost to live in the area we are headed for. Thank you!

Andri Dev
Web Developer
Great for University Research

I was able to find all the admissions related data for multiple Universities in one place. I highly recommend.

Archana Wani
Good Resource for Information

I loved that your website provides detailed information about universities. Made my task easier. Thank you!

Rick Silva
PlanAll Support