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The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country located in the western Pacific Ocean. The country is known for its rich biodiversity, beaches, heritage towns, and monuments. Besides, it is also for mountains, rainforests, islands, and diving spots. Moreover, the Philippines welcome a large number of international students every year. It is an accessible study location, and well, let us see if students can also take up part-time work opportunities.

We have listed different part-time work opportunities in this article, but before we dive into it, let us see the benefits of taking up part-time jobs.

Benefits of working Part-time

After attending additional hours of classes, it is a total drag to go for one more round of a four-hour shift job. Nevertheless, it helps you to make some extra income on the side to gain valuable work experience.

Earn extra money

While being a student means little or no money. Still, when you’re working part-time, you no longer have to worry about being able to afford the essentials – or relying on your parents or student funding to get by.

You will start learning to manage your money

So, when you spring up to make money of your own, you tend to be more cautious about what and how you use your hard-earned money. Also, not only can new employment help you build up long-term savings, but it also makes you financially aware from a young age.

You gain transferable skills

Moreover, a part-time job can encourage you to learn skills that a university or college degree won’t teach you.

You become more confident

Any job can help you come out of your casing and help in growing your confidence and belief. And most student jobs have been seen in hospitality and retail, which are both mainly customer-facing industries. Moreover, it lets to interact with lots of people that you wouldn’t usually talk to. As a result, you’ll learn to be more comfortable around others.

Part-time work in the Philippines
Part-time work in the Philippines

Joining as a Part-Time Employee

Students can work on a Part-Time basis to support their education and other financial needs. Working would not only provide students with financial support but also give them exposure and experience in the working world. Many colleges and universities offer internships to the students as a part of their program. Thus, students can also earn through internships and continue with their studies very quickly.

There are some rules which govern the eligibility and conditions of employment of international students. They cannot take up any part-time work in the Philippines on a student visa.

They would require a Work Permit to work while studying, and it is not that easy to get one. However, if you wish to take up part-time work, you can try through your contacts or references.
Furthermore, the employer arranges the work permit and not by the students. In case you are planning to take up a job in the Philippines during your education, your employer would have to apply for and get a work permit for you. Also, this does not stop at just the work permit, and there are other conditions a student must know about.

Never follow the illegal process by side-stepping the regulations. If caught, not only would the employer face a hefty fine, you also lose your residence permit and lose your degree as well.

Type of part-time work opportunities

A Convenience Store

Clerk or cashier is a popular option if you wish to work in a convenience store. Job responsibility would differ from one store to another, for instance, to maintain daily operations to keep the convenience store operating evenly. Other responsibilities include ringing customers’ purchases, managing inventory, organizing, and stocking merchandise.

Working At A Fast Food Place

Fast food is another favorite among part-time workers. You will be required to serve customers. Since fast-food workers work in different shifts, they are required to learn about all areas like counter, serving, kitchen, etc. Depending on the working shift and workload, you may be responsible for preparing and serving the food and handle credit and currency transactions.

Working At A Bar/Cafe

Working as a bartender in the Philippines at a bar/cafe is fun, especially if you love loud music and people. Also, If you enjoy meeting people and enjoy outgoings, becoming a bartender can be the right selection for you.
Responsibilities include serving drinks in places like pubs, bars, and coffee shops, collecting payment and operations, organize and communicate with customers. The employer looks for excellent communication skills. Besides, you need to have a good command of the local language.

Working At A Restaurant

Working at a restaurant is somehow related to working at a cafe or fast food place. Your primary job includes assisting the customers, taking orders, and assuring satisfaction to that customer, clearing and cleaning tables, and occasionally operating the machines.

Working At A Supermarket

Working at a supermarket is another good option. You will be responsible for assisting customers, receiving, storing, and stocking of products, etc. One has to be familiar with store products. You also need to know the location to assist customers in locating items.

Working as a part-time English teacher/Tutor

Working part-time as an ESL teacher is the best job as it offers flexible hours, and at the same time, pays a lot more than the other part-time jobs. Besides, It is the only part-time job where nationality comes into play. Also, it is an excellent opportunity for those individuals who are from native English speaking countries and have a Bachelors’s degree.

Nevertheless, undergraduate students or graduate students with a good command of English is preferred, regardless of their nationality.

Part-time work in the Philippines
Part-time work in the Philippines


Many part-time jobs in Indonesia mostly involve store-keeping or working as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. With your skill and educational background, you may feel such tasks don’t help you to grow as an individual or help you with your future career.

Freelancing, just like another part-time job, is a perfect method to build your resume in the long run, to earn money, and to expand your knowledge and working experience. So, utilizes your skills, knowledge, or talent to get jobs that suit your needs.

Where to Find Part-Time Employment

  • The Internet
  • Local Newspapers
  • Job notices outside the stores/restaurants
  • Recruitment Services
  • Word of Mouth

CV and application

An application usually comprises of a CV, a cover letter, and relevant certificates. A cover letter should be short and not more than a page. The CV should be chronological, starting with your most recent job. One should modify their CV as per the applied position. Further, it should emphasize skills that are relevant to the applied position.

Tips For Working Part-time In the Philippines

  • If you decide to work part-time in the Philippines, make sure that you negotiate working terms, conditions, and your hourly pay in advance before starting work.
  • Get help for a local friend to avoid misunderstandings
  • Make sure that you have proper sync with your employer
  • Get everything in writing.
  • A written agreement/contract between both parties is essential.

Good luck with your job search!

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