Living Expenses in Thailand for International Students

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Thailand, “Land of smiles”, is a country located in Southeast Asia. The country is known for tropical beaches, magnificent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and elaborate temples displaying figures of Buddha. Besides, Thailand is also known for the quality education that too at affordable prices. So by now, most of you might be thinking about the living expenses in Thailand. Well, Thailand is not an expensive place. So the living expenses in Thailand are meager.

The beautiful beaches in Thailand
The beautiful beaches in Thailand

As international students, one is always worried about the living expenses in the country. Thus, if you are among those worried students wondering about the living expenses for Thailand! Stop worrying then as you have come to the right place. Since, through planall, we will help you in getting the estimated budget for living expenses in Thailand. So without any further delays, let’s look at what the areas of expenses in Thailand are.

Tuition/ Education

Thailand is one of the popular countries to study abroad. Besides, Thailand is known for its quality education at an affordable price. Thus it attracts a lot of international students, looking to experience a different culture while getting a great education. Well talking about the tuition fees it may vary too much. Besides, they depend on factors such as location, study level, universities, and the course one opts for. Moreover, public universities are much cheaper than private universities.

It is the biggest expense when studying abroad
Get quality education at less price

So to lessen the financial burden, one can also look for scholarships. Moreover, there is a large number of financial aid and scholarships for international students. So, some of these are offered by Government agencies, individual institutions, and certain private bodies. Besides, they give most of these scholarships to the meritorious students. So for further details on scholarships, one can contact their universities.


For an international student, this is by far the most significant expense and concern while living in Thailand. Besides, the rent may vary depending on the individual’s lifestyle and location. 

Accommodation: one of the biggest expense
Accommodation: one of the biggest expense

So, the cheapest option for a student in campus housing. However, these are limited in number, so apply for them as soon as possible. So, if one is not able to find housing through your university, then you can look for private accommodation. However, these are much expensive than university housing. As a result, most of them live in shared flats with one to three other people. Apart from this, there are also options for those who prefer to live alone or with local students.

 Besides, you may also need to pay a deposit in advance. However, this amount is refundable. So, one gets it back when you move out of the apartment. But it also has a condition that there should be no damage to property. Besides, all the dues must be clear.

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Besides accommodation rent, one has to pay utility bills too. So this includes payment for such as gas, water, electricity, heating, and cooling. In addition to this, you need to pay for garbage, internet, phone, cleaning help, etc. Moreover, in a few cases, some of the utilities are part of the rent. So, before signing the lease, one should carefully look for what all services you are responsible for paying.

Food/ Grocery

It is another area where international students tend to spend a lot. So, one should carefully plan this as this is going to affect one’s budget. As a student, one should not eat out regularly, as it is an expensive option. However, eating out can be a good option in Thailand. So, a meal from a local restaurant or a food cart will costs around 45 – 120 THB per person. However, a three-course meal for two people in an average restaurant will be approximately 440 -1000 THB. Besides, a combo meal in McDonald’s will cost you around 150 – 250 THB.

Enjoy food at food market
Enjoy food at food market

Besides this, one can also eat at the university cafeterias. So, they are much cheaper than eating out in a restaurant. Besides, one can also cook at home. Moreover, it is much less expensive than eating out. So, one can prepare food as per their taste and choice. Thus, for this, you have to buy the grocery. Therefore, one can purchase these groceries from the local markets or supermarkets. 


In Thailand, public transportation options are available everywhere. The most common of them include taxis, minibusses, motorcycle taxis, and three-wheeled vehicles known as tuk-tuks. So, a monthly pass will cost one around 800 – 1400 THB.

Save money go for public transport
Save money go for public transport

Besides, one can also use taxis as they are much more comfortable. But these can be costly if used regularly. Moreover, few students, when coming to Thailand, decides to buy a car. However, this can be an expensive option. But, if this is what you want, then plan for the additional costs. These include such as the cost of your vehicle, automobile insurance, petrol, yearly inspections, and parking in your budget. Moreover, with high accident rates, it is better to use public transportation than driving yourself.

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Health Insurance

Another expense that one should keep in mind is health insurance. Every international student should have medical insurance. It is to secure themselves from the unseen contingencies. Thailand has an excellent and inexpensive health care system.

Moreover, Thailand is considered a healthcare destination due to the first-class medical services. Besides, it is known for number of facilities available and their very competitive cost. Besides, there is on-campus first-aid medical service provided free of charge to all students. So, all students are covered by insurance for accidents. 

Besides, as an international student, you are also not eligible for public health care. So, for these reasons, one must purchase private health insurance before you leave for Thailand. However, there are also several major international insurance companies in Thailand.

Recreation/ Entertainment

Studying abroad should not be only about studying. So, apart from exams and regular classes, students can try some recreational activities on weekends. Thus, try to explore this beautiful country. So those who are interested in the culture of the country can go sightseeing can visit museums. Besides, they can also enjoy the local cuisine. Apart from this, you can also go to movies, theater or the local music concerts. Moreover, Thailand is known for its beaches. So one can relax on the beaches and enjoy the beauty of the country. 

One can try scuba diving
One can try scuba diving

Besides, if you are looking for some outdoor activities, then one can go for kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting, rock climbing, etc. In addition to these one can also be part of the local cultural festivals in Thailand.

Personal Expenses

Apart from the expenses mentioned above, one should also save some money for several other expenses too. So, these expenses can be for buying toiletries such as soap, shampoo, etc. Apart from this, one can further include expenditures on clothing and shoes, stationery. Besides, there are expenses on personal grooming, such as hair cut, fitness gym, etc. However, this is something that depends upon your lifestyle. Therefore, this cost may vary person-to-person.


Let’s check out the living expenses in Thailand as given in the following table below:

S.N Expenses Cost( Thai Baht/ THB) Comments
1. Education/Tuition 30,000- 1,36,000 per year The fee may vary from university to university and as per course.
2. Accommodation 4500 – 35,000 per month Vary as per city and individual’s lifestyle
3. Utility 1500 – 5000 per month In some cases, few of them are part of the rent
4. Food/Grocery Eating out:  5000 – 8000 per month
Eating in :  up to 6000 per month
may vary as per one’s diet  
5. Transportation Public: 800 – 1500 per month
Private: up to 750,000per months
Private transport includes the cost of vehicle too
6. Health Insurance 700 per month depend on the plan one opts for
7. Recreation/ Entertainment 1500 – 4500 per month vary on basis of activity every time
8. Personal Expenses 5500 – 11, 000 per month vary depending on the one’s need

Please note: These are just estimates gathered from various sources. Moreover, it is to give an idea of a budget required for the comfortable living in Thailand. Thus, one should not consider it as the final estimated cost.

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So, I hope this will was informative enough. I hope this will help you in planning your expenses in advance. Hope this will further help you to have a comfortable stay in the country. So, wishing you all the best for future endeavors.

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