Sample SoP – MS in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

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Sample SoP – Masters in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

This article provides a sample SoP to the individuals who wants to pursue MS in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I hope this will be helpful.

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Sample SoP for Human- Computer Interaction
Sample SoP for Human- Computer Interaction

When Apple leveraged the graphical user interface where users layered windows for different applications. It changed the computer industry for decades to come. No other company in history has been synonymous with innovation in the science of user interface design like Apple. Today the vision of Steve Jobs to provide an incomparable user experience lies at the heart of every innovation. Digitization has permeated every level of our life. In a world where every second person interacts daily with a digital device, designing captivating interfaces seems crucial. Thus, a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction will provide me with the necessary knowledge to explore and research the next generation of human-computer interfaces.

I always had a keen eye for detail since childhood with an urge to use my creativity to build interesting and unique articles and projects. Be it the ‘Best out of Waste’ activity or a class project; I have always been the go-to person for creative inspiration. This thirst for innovation and creativity led me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. During this rigorous four-year course, I have built a firm foundation in various subjects. Such as Analysis of Algorithms, Data Mining and Warehousing, Data Structures, and an introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

However, it was coding and designing applications that captivated my interest, and I immersed myself in various creative ventures. In the first semester itself, I worked as a frontend developer to build “Rendezvous,” . It is a web portal to help college students meet seniors and professors who are experts in a particular field. Another project I undertook was to build ‘Auto-Cart’ using Raspberry Pi programming. I was successful in reducing the procurement time. As well as creating a seamless interface using the Automatic RFID billing process for hypermarkets.

Taking stock of my academic and career journey so far, I realized that I have much to explore in this vast domain. The spark of inquisitiveness about scalable systems and improving the human-computer interaction was perhaps ignited when I worked as a research intern at the Cummins University during my final year of engineering. I gained first-hand exposure to the immense possibilities in Augmented Reality. So, today I wish to gain expertise in the same.

As an aspiring HCI Design Specialist, I wish to answer questions like, how can we make reading from the screen more comfortable than reading from paper or how can I test my designs in a better way to come up with ergonomic solutions and better UX? Soon, I see myself working at the forefront of technology, working on cutting-edge programs like building a 3D package, learning After Effects and Quartz Composer. Thus to create something of my own from start to finish.

The University of California is one of the foremost American Universities offering innovative technological studies, especially in Human-Computer Interaction. The program also offers skill certifications and proctored exams, in addition to experiential learning opportunities. Thus making it one of the most sought after Masters Programs in the US. This unique, state-of-the-art program will give me an edge by working on Core HCI/UX skills, perform rapid prototyping, and facilitate service design.

With world-renowned faculty who are the thought leaders in areas where UX skills are essential, I am confident that I will teach the practical skills and theoretical understanding needed to become an expert in the design, implementation, and evaluation of HCI. With an international student body, the University of California will provide a community enriched by the contributions of multicultural students. Additionally, the University has a plethora of research labs like the Creativity Machine lab, The Adaptive Digital Media lab, where I wish to research the HCI context in innovative domains like Wearable iTV, Ubicomp, etc. Thus, it is with sincerity of purpose and expectation that I apply for an MS in Human-Computer Interaction at your prestigious university. It will indeed be an honor to be accepted for this cutting-edge program.


The above SoP for an MS in HCI is quite engaging and well written. The applicant details the need and importance of the domain while highlighting her love for innovation and creativity. She then talks about her educational and professional journey, delving deep into the various insights and learning on the way. The mention of different projects in detail adds authenticity and a personal flavor to her writing. Moreover, the student displays her detailed research in the area through the expectations from the program. Thus blending it with her career goals. The research on the university is also apparent, and the applicant presents a strong case in her SoP.

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