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Vietnam- A beautiful country packed with many exciting cities full of life, stunning landscapes, fantastic food, history, and cultural highlights. Thus making Taiwan an intriguing place to study. So curious about visa guidelines for Vietnam. Well then you have come to the right place. Since through this blog we will be discussing the types of visa for Vietnam, especially for students and the documents required.

But first, we have listed fascinating facts about the country which will be interesting for you to know before you visit the site. So, let’s talk about few of them:

  • The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the official name of Vietnam
  • ”Dong” is the currency of Vietnam
  • The Vietnamese worship the mythical holy dragon, bird, horse, and turtle.
  • Vietnam exports cashew nuts and black pepper
  • The five taste elements of Vietnamese cuisines includes salty (water), sweet (earth), sour (wood), spicy (metal), and bitter (fire)
  • (Sounds weird) Vietnamese eat dog meat, and they believe that consuming dog meat brings good fortune
  • You can boil eggs at the Binh Chau hot natural springs (temperature reaches up to 82°C)
The Cau Chua Pagoda at  Hoi An, Vietnam
The Cau Chua Pagoda at Hoi An, Vietnam

Without any further delays let’s get to the primary purpose of this article, VISA. 

Student Visa 

Once you register yourself to the Vietnamese institution and get the acceptance letter, you are all set to lodge a visa.

  • So download the student visa application form from
  • Complete the form by filling in the required information
  • Print and sign the completed application form, here we go- the dossier is ready to be submitted
  • Submit the dossiers to the nearest Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate general in your country
  • Visa is issued within a week or two

Documents required

Along with the application one needs to submit the following documents

  • Passport with at least six months validity period
  • Pre-approval confirmation letter
  • Letter of Acceptance form Vietnamese institute
  • Visa Application Form
  • Pay the visa application fees

There is a special process for students from countries where the Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate is not present. So for them Visa-On-Arrival is issued on your arrival at Vietnam airport. Along with all the relevant documents, you can process your visa at an international airport in Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hai Phong, and Da Nang). For further info one can refer to ”visa on arrival” at

Types of Vietnamese visas


 This type of visa is a single or multiple entry visa for 30 days. It is for tourists who wish to visit the country. One can extend this visa by paying additional fees for up to 30 days.

Re-entry visa

 This visa is for people who wish to visit Vietnam and decide to travel to a bordering country and return to Vietnam. In this case, one requires a re-entry visa.


 This visa is valid for three to six months for business purposes. However, it is not a work permit.


 This visa has a validity of only five days. 

Diplomatic and official

 This visa is only for officials or diplomats on a government or diplomatic business mission.

After your studies in Vietnam, if you wish to live here, you can apply for a permanent resident card. This Card is valid for three years and is renewable

Requirements a work permit

  • You can apply for a work permit if you are 18 years and older with professional skills and good health condition.
  • Free of criminal records in your country
  • Fill the work permit application form
  • You need a work permit application letter 
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Copy of your educational degree certificates or transcripts
  • Experience letter from your previous work/ employers
  • passport size photographs
  • Medical reports
  • A CV

The country with a perfect mix of past, present, and future and a variety of good things will engage you and make your stay a perfect one. Overall, we see fair chances for those aspiring students who choose Vietnam as their study and work opportunities. We wish you success in every step you take and make the best out of it. So, all the Best!!

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